Apartment Cleaning Services In Tyler, TX

Need your apartment cleaned? CHRISTIAN CLEANING can help you with the perfect apartment cleaner for your Tyler, TX apartment.

CHRISTIAN CLEANING Homekeepers are experts at cleaning small spaces. We have a variety of options and budgets for your place. Because of the way CHRISTIAN CLEANING works, you can book a cleaning for a set time, as short as 1 hour. CHRISTIAN CLEANING Homekeepers have cleaned spaces as small as 70 sq. ft.!

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If you have a small Tyler, TX apartment and are looking for a light cleaning, Christian Cleaning is your best option! In one hour, a Homekeeper from Christian Cleaning can clean the basics of most of that space. For example, a cleaner could clean the following in an hour in the typical small apartment:

This list is just an example to give you a sense of what they can do. You ultimately get to pick what they do, using your CHRISTIAN CLEANING To- Do List.

If you are looking for a deeper cleaning, a CHRISTIAN CLEANING+ cleaning job will probably work better for your needs. It is 2 hours and gives them more time to get into the details for you. Here is an example of items an apartment cleaner can get to in that time:

All of the light cleaning, plus:

You can also get a MIGHTY Cleaning done if you want the Homekeepers to get into meticulous detail. This is also ideal for an apartment move-out cleaning.


Larger apartments can use our light cleaning services. It is the same 1-hour service customized to your specific Tyler, Texas apartment cleaning needs. However, because of the larger size, the most common service is CHRISTIAN CLEANING+. In 3 hours, a Homekeeper can get every room in your home cleaned. The most typical rooms that someone gets done in a CHRISTIAN CLEANING+ are:

Brief cleanings of:

Deeper cleanings of:

Again, these cleanings are focused on your needs during the timeframe. So pick what gives you the biggest bang for your buck!

Move-in / move-out cleanings are also common in larger apartments. They are a good choice for someone who really wants a deep cleaning. This is a 4-hour cleaning with 2 people (8 cleaning hours) This is enough time to get in good detail for most homes. This is also the service choice for end-of-tenancy cleanings.


CHRISTIAN CLEANING’s unique model allows us to serve much smaller spaces at more affordable prices. You can get a price quote for your area and service type by having a free, no-obligation, in-home estimate.


There are a couple of things you can do to maximize your cleaning with CHRISTIAN CLEANING:

Let your CHRISTIAN CLEANING Homekeepers know if there is anything we can do to help! We would love for you to pick CHRISTIAN CLEANING for your Apartment Cleaning Service.

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